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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War 2 People were evacuated from their countries by bombs attack to the city. People carried gas masks for any gas attack by enemies.The enemy bombingswere called air raids. The warnings were made by sirens. At war time children lives changed alot. At school they practiced how to put gas masks and they practiced air raid drills. The War Starts People Protection Children in wartime WW2 started in 1939 because Germany invaded polandand refusedto leave. Connections The War ends Changes in lifetime Most of the people had a radio in their homes or Wireless, the people listened to the radio news, and read the newspaper, to find out what was happening in the war.People expected cities were going to be bombed,as enemy planes tried to destroy factories.But bombs would hit homes and schools too, so children would be in danger. In world war 2 the Nazis persecuted the Jewish people. In Anne Frank we see how she and her family moved from city to city to escape from the Nazis . In Number the Stars there is a girl called Anne Marie and she had a friend that was Jewishand they took her parents. In the WW2 they took people to the concentraton camps where they were killed. In June of 1944 it was when allied forces landed in Normandy. But therewere many battles in Europe and in the Pacific with Japan before the fighting stopped in 1945.
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