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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Battles of the Eastern Front World War II The eastern Front was home to many battles of WWII. A majority of the battles took place in Europe and the western most side of the Soviet Union, and were usually fought between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, with the Soviet Union usually being the victor. Operation Barbarossa Operation Barbarossa started on June 22, 1941 Hitler launched his armies eastward into a massive invasion of the soviet Union. The invasion covered the north cape to the Black sea. Nazi soldiers were at their most effective during the offensive. Barbarossa was the crucial in the eastern Front and resulted in a Soviet victory. Battle of Stalingrad Began in late summer of 1942, fought between Nazi Germany and allies vs the Soviet Union for control of Stalingrad. Stalingrad consisted of close quarter combat, direct attacks and snipers. The battle lead to the destruction of the German 6th army and a decline in Axis forces in the Eastern Front. Battle of Caucasus Lasted from July 25 1942 - May 12 1944. The Germans were very defensive (WWI trench style warfare) which contributed to their victory in 1944. After the battle the Germans kept advancing eastward to the Soviet Union. Battle of Kursk The battle took place in Kursk, 280 miles southwest of Moscow. The battle lasted 11 days starting on July 5th. Was fought betweenNazi Germany and Soviet Union. It is considered the greatest tank battle in history. Germany was attempting a Cannae like envelopment but lost due to the Soviets sheer number of soldiers and greatly crippled Germany's army. Lake Balaton offensive The offensive started on March 6 1945 and was fought between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Was a battle of advancing or retreating, the Germans advanced 15-40 km but suffered many casualties and were pushed back to their original position. Many consider it to not be successful because of this. It was the last offensive of the war.
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