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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RussiaMen mobilized- 12 million Killed-1.7 million Wounded- 4.9 million POWs + missing- 2.5 million Total casualties- 9.5 million casualties in % of men mobilized- 76.3 France Men Mobilized-8.4 million Killed-1.3million Wounded-4.2million POW's+ Missing 537,000 Total Casualties-6.1million Casualties in %of men mobilized-73.3 ItalyMen Mobilized-5.5millionKilled-650,000Wounded-947,000POW's+ Missing- 600,000Total Casualties-2.1millCasualties in % of Men Mobilized-39 GB + Empire Men Mobilized-8.9million Killed-908,000 Wounded-2million POW's +Wounded-191,000 Total Casualties-3.1million Casualties in % of Men Mobilized-35.8 USAMen Mobilized 4.3millionKilled-126,000Wounded-234,000POW's+ Missing -4,500Total Casualties-350,000Casualties of Men Mobilized -8 Japan Men Mobilized-800,000Killed-300Wounded-900POW's Missing-3Total casualties-1210 Casualties in % of men mobilized-0.2 Germanymen mobilized-11millionKilled1.7millionWounded-4.2millionPOW's + Missing-1.1millionTotal Casualties-7.1millionCasualties in % of men mobilized-65 Austriamen mobilized-7.8millionkilled-1.2millionWounded-3.6millionPOW's +Missing-2.2millionTotal Casualties-7 millionCasualties in % of men mobilized-90 Turkeymen mobilized-2.8millionkilled-325,000wounded-400,000POW's+Missing-250,000Total Casualties-975,000Casualties in % of men mobilized-34 Bulgariamen mobilized-1.2millionkilled-87,000wounded-152,000POW's+ Missing-27,000Total Casualties-266,000Casualties in % of men mobilized-22 double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The impact of the First World War on Russia was immense. In the early stages of the war the Russian army suffered huge losses at Tannenburg and at the Battle of the Masurian Lakes. These losses resulted in unrest in the army and led to questions being asked about the way in which the military was run. As a result of ongoing military blunders, Tsar Nicholas II decided to take charge of the army himself. Whilst his presence at the frontlines may have acted as a boost to troops in the short term, it created a huge problem in the medium term. Firstly, as commander in chief of the army he would have to shoulder the blame for any defeats himself. Secondly, as head of an autocratic state he was required to make governmental decisions. The United States was affected by foreign policy issues with Isolationism. An example of Isolationism is the Treaty of Versailles.The United States was also affected by social/politcal problems with the Red Scare. The Red Scare was mainly about the (fear) rise of communism in the U.S and Worldwide. During the war the percentage of women in the workforce had risen to 37%, a massive rise. At the end of the war this figure did not fall dramatically, meaning that from now on women had a significant role to play in the german economy. The reaction of many Germans to the ending of the war also had a large impact on German Society. Many of the former soldiers were of the opinion that they had not lost the war, they believed that the army had been cheated. As a consequence of this many germans looked for people to blame. Some lay the blame in the hands of the Kaiser.
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