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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rural Population of the World in 2013 and it's Growth in 2013 Europe Russia NorthAmerica MiddleAmerica SouthAmerica SubsaharanAfrica North Africa/Southwest Asia South Asia East Asia SoutheastAsia AustralRealm PacificRealm Rural population: 29.972 Growth: -0.44 Rural population: 36.7143 growth: -0.5 Rural population: 15.604 Growth: 1.161 Rural population: 17.333 Growth: -1.166 Rural population: 23.888 Growth: -0.155 Rural population: 57.25 Growth: 1.508 Rural population: 43.538 Growth: 1.322 Rural population: 62.571 Growth: 0.9 Rural population: 28.4 Growth: -2.28 Rural population: 54.25 Growth: 0.462 Rural population: 14 Growth: 0.6 Rural population: 57.75 Growth: -0.033 regions such as Europe andRussia have not only similar population and growth but also similar median, mode, and example of this is themedian:Europe: 27.5Russia: 33 While there are other regions such as South Asia and Middle America that have completely different mean , median, mode,and range. An example of thisis the mean (average):South Asia: 62.571Middle america:17.333 But there is also some little things inside the regions that struck me as interesting. one of these things is that chinaisn't even in the top ten countries that lose the most rural population in the world. In fact instead of China there are places like Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic.
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