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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 9% The war started began on September 1,1939. There were two powers:Allied Powers, who fought against the Germans, Italians, Japanese, Axis Powers and neutral 31% 10% north west west coast 2 World War The west coastis home to a vastarray of climatesfrom temperate,desert, lush andmoderate. People who evacuated a school had a gas mask. This was for if any odor bomb was thrown near them, the masks would protect them from smelling a poison gas and eventually die What triggered the war Gas Masks Shelters There were two types of shelters the Anderson shelter that was to hide and avoid the air raids and the Morrison shelters where you could have an indoor shelter it was a steel table and wire surrounding it. Blackouts All windows and doors were blacked out for the enemies unable to see if anyone was in there. The street light were turned off during blackouts. Bombs hit schools and homes too so children were in danger so the government at the beginning of the war tried to empty the cities of children and mothers. This was called evacuation. Evacuation An air raid was an attack by a plane dropping bombs. They were warned of enemy planes by sirens. Air Raids Food Ration Rationing meant that each person could buy a certain amount of things.What was bought, was written in the rationing book. Growing own food Many people grew their own vegetables. Children startedworking in farms and helped planting and weeding. Children at school Children went to schools but some of the schoolsmoved from town to country. They had ordinaryair raid lessons Children's toys Evacuated children could only take 1 favouritetoy, also they had to createtheir own toys. Wartime homes Many children in 1940lived in small houses. A typical family house had a sitting room, a kitchen andtwo or three bedroomsupstars. Not all houses hadbathrooms Families reunited Every month for over 100.000 soldiers arrived to their houses. Prisioners came that had been in prision for over 5 years Refugees In Europe there were more then 12.000.000 refugees.The war left a lot ofpeople homeless.One of the most important task of 1945 was to helppeople to return to their houses. We can connect WWII to...... Anne Frank because they were treated like rubbish andthey didnยดt care about them and this girl was a Jewish and suffered all these bad treatments.
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