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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Employment in first year of a child's life is related to lower scores on: -Reading -Math -School readiness tests -Obesity rates in children have tripled in last 30 years and these trends follow the maternal employment rise.-Maternal work has been linked to: -Increased childhood Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight -Less home cooked meals -Higher consumption of processed foods and calories-On average, for every 5 months a mother works, her child gains 1 pound extra compared to peers Overall,save your best self and your biggest effort for your children Behavior Cognition Create qualityinteractions Be engagingwhen you are home Health Impacting Child Development Generally speaking,The earlier a mother returns to work,the lower her child will score on testing. So, if you are a working mom what should you do? Externalizing Behaviors: -Less hyperactive in school -More pro-social behaviors -Less anxious in general Almost seems beneficial or to have little effect?Not always... If mother works in first year, there are more externalizing and internalizing problems. Internalizing Problems: -No or little effect on mood in preschoolers -More emotionally stable -But, may have higher rates of depression in adolescence Working Try to be home in the first year of their life However, mothers who work in the second year of their child's life or part-time in the first year,show little or no negative effects on cognition Moms Statistics of Moms at work: -70% with kids 18 yrs or younger -50% with kids 6 yrs or younger -33% with 3 month old
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