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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women and HIV: psychosexual function, fertility and menopause We wanted to look at experiencesof women living with HIV. We asked women attending the HIV clinic at Royal Free to complete a questionnaireabout their general health, attitudestowards pregnancy and mental health.Overall, 140 women took part in thestudy. Participants were aged 21-60 years(mean age:44 years) and came fromall ethnic backgrounds.The majority was well educated with33% having completed a university degree and a further 18% a postgraduatedegree. About our study: We wanted to look atexperiences of womenliving with HIV. We asked women attendingthe HIV clinic at RoyalFree to complete a questionnaire about their general health, attitudes towards pregnancy and mentalhealth.Overall, 140 womentook part in the study.Participants were aged 21 - 60 years (mean age:44 years) and camefrom all ethnic backgrounds.The majority was well educated with 33% having completed a university degree and a further 18% a postgraduate degree. Majority of participants have never smoked or injected drugs Only a minority of participantsdrink regularly. Of participants havehad HIV antiretroviralmedical treatment General Health& Treatment Only 12 women are currently smoking. Most participantslead veryhealthy lifestyles. 95% Pregnancy Aging with HIV Mental Health More than half of the women were not at risk of anxiety or depression 1/2 Conclusions:?? Authors: Contact: women expressed a desire to have children in the future but more than 50%of these women have concerns about future pregnancies. 47 Menopause comes with a variety of physical and psychological symptoms. The menopausal women experienced many of these symptoms, however, the severity was mild. The most common symptoms are feeling tired, accomplishing less than usual and a decrease in stamina. It is well established that illnessmay come with emotional coping challenges. The majority of women experience side effects including physical and psychological symptoms.The most common aretiredness, difficulty concentrating or sleeping and worrying. 20 years! 9 women had both severe symptoms of anxiety and depression and could be at risk of suicide ideation. Depression can have a negativeimpact on everyday functioning. It affects how women do their work, take care of things at home or relate with other people. 100 women have been pregnant and have had at least one child. 26 women are goingthrough menopause and 18 womenare postmenopausal. Due to successful treatment more people are living longer with HIV. In this study 56 women were aged 45 and older. 84% of women who thought about becoming pregnant in the future also knew how to prevent their baby being born with HIV. Majority of women who wanted to become pregnant in the future showed good knowledge of preventing transmission to their child. However, there have been no mother to child HIV transmissions at the Royal Free in the last Sexual function is a topic that is not often addressed but can affect the quality of life of many people. This study indicated that participants have mild sexual dysfunction. Sexual Function Thank you to all the women whotook part in this study. It has given us a good insight into theexperiences of women living with HIV.
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