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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TROPICAL DEFORESTATION The world's tropical forests are disappearing at a startling rate. The earth was covered with 14.8billion acres of tropical rainforests8,000 years ago. Today, merely half of that quantity remains. Latin America and Asia have lost approximately 40% of their original forests, and Africa has lost more than 50%. THE DEATH OF OUR FORESTS At the current rate of deforestation, all tropical rainforestswill be gone by 2110. 25% 5% Other Logging 10% *Other includesurbanization, dams,mining, etc. 40% Reassurance of Worth Cattle ranching 20% CO2 Save The Rainforest! LATIN AMERICA:SOUTHEAST ASIA:AFRICA: EQUIVALENT TO 13 FOOTBALL FIELDS GOOD NEWS! finding time to study and fulfill family responsibilities or working out compatiblework & school schedules 15% Multiple Role Conflict Discouragement from Choosing Nontraditional Careers Rainforests contain170,000 of the world's 250,000 plant species can result in failure to pursue occupations perceived to be incompatible with balancing family andwork Animal Species Social Supports being part of a network of other women who share common interests and goals Large-scale agriculture No trees = carbon sink = climate change Conflict Between Children and Career Demands Social SupportsMORE than makeup for Barriers! - - - SOURCES: Educational