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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CASE STUDY SOLVED USING FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY CASE STUDY: Diane Schuler On 26th July 2009 just after1.30pm, Diane Schulercrashed on the Taconic StateParkway in New York killing eight people: herself her two year old daughter her three nieces three men in the oncoming vehicle. TOXICOLOGY REPORT: Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): 0.19 micrograms per 100ml0.19 micro grams per 100ml is equal to around 10 drinksIt's more than double the drink driving limit, which is 0.8 micrograms per 100ml in New YorkAlcohol was still in her stomach which suggests she wasdrinking while, or shortly before the crash occuredHigh levels of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana)suggests Schuler smoked marijuana shortly before the crashCombination of alcohol and marijuana is known to have a synergistic effect causing the efects of taking eitherdrug alone to be intensified when taken together Diane Schuler was a happily married mother of two who was described as a supermum by others. However, on 26th July 2009 she caused a crash killing 8 people, including herself. Before the incident she had been onHoliday with her family. On the way home, she drove with the 5 children who had gone on the trip and her husbanddrove another car with the bags. Witnesses before the crash said she appeared sober and happy. The last seenFootage of her is at a service station where she fills uppetrol and tries to buy pain killers. She appears sober in this footage too. However, only 45 minutes later she drove down the wrong side of the Taconic state parkways causing the crash and killing everyone in both cars other than her son. The toxicology report is shown below. Image 1: The car wreckage after the crash Image 3: The victims of Diane Schuler'scrash Image 4: The only surviver of the crash, Diane's son Bryan Image 2: Diane Schuler References:1) There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane. (2011). [online]. HBO documentaries. 25th July.2) FERRAN, Lee (2009). Diane Schuler, Wrong-Way Highway Driver Who Killed 8 Had 10 Drinks, Was High. [online]. ABC News. 4th August.
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