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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Userbase: ChinaMonthly users: 468 million Universal messenger that allows users to send videos,pictures, and text as well as play games and conduct business transactions. Instagram WeChat Userbase: North AmericaMonthly users: 300 million Allows users to post pictures and videos, along with private messenging of photos to multiple users at once. The Uprise of Instant Messaging Kik Userbase: CanadaMonthly users: 100 million Text messenger that has a built in web browser that enablesthe sharing of online content between users. WhatsApp Userbase: EuropeMonthly users: 700 million Ninety-nine cents after the firstfree year, this app allows usersto send text, photo, and video messages, along with GPS coordinates and invites to group chats. Snapchat Userbase: Europe/North AmericaMonthly users: 100 million Minimalist app with the ability to send picturesand videos that disappear from user view after a maximum of 10 seconds. Line Userbase: JapanMonthly users: 170 million Dubbed the "younger" Skype, Line is a video, voice, andtext chatting software that also allows users to subscribe to other people's status posts (think Facebook). double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Info Credit:
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