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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What a Wind turbine looks like A wind turbine looks like a long pole with a kind of areodinamic top with rotors like a plane. the rotors turn because of the wind passing between them and causing them to spin on the axis, the axis is connected to a generator which makes electricity when the axis spins. the reason behind it This type of energy is very clean because its using kinetic energy to make electrical energy, this meaning no pollutants are made when this energy is made.There are some down sides like decreases in bird populations, and they ware very noisy. These are minor defects though, usually these problems do not happen. Some down sides After the wind is turned into electricity, it is run by electrical wires to power what ever we humans need electricity for. virtually there is no limit except the sun and money for the amount of wind energy that is changed from wind to energy. China is the number one producer of wind energy currently. The US is in second,Germany in third, Spain in fourth, India in Fifth, Italy in Sixth, france in seventh ,canada in eighth, brazil in ninth,Denmark in tenth The Top Ten Wind Power The Numbers China may be the number one in wind usage but they only use 3% of that to actually power there country.The US uses some were form 3% of our wind to power the country, Germany uses 10% of the wind power, Spain uses 18%of its wind power, India uses 4% of its wind powerItaly uses 4%of its wind power, France uses 3% of its wind power,Canada uses 2% of its wind power, Brazil uses less than 1% of its wind power,Denmark uses 29% of its wind power.
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