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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wind Energy Denmark in By: Sara McClaskey How It Works Benefits The Diagram above explains how the energy is transfered and stored, but in Denmark almost all the turbines are builtout at sea. Only recently have they begunto introduce land turbines to residents asthey rejected them in previous years. Denmark is also coming up with better waysto store the energy so they can meet demandand its also cheap energy to collect and keep. Denmark is located in the northern part of Europe. They have 4,500 miles of coast-land perfect for offshore wind turbines for renewable energy. Denmark is currently leading the worlds green energy movement. They plan to have no reliance on fossil fuels by the year 2050 and already use wind energy as their electricity provider. About Wind Energy in Denmark is beneficial for a few reasons. Denmark has a huge coastline perfect for offshore turbines. The Turbines are also fairly low cost and by the year 2020 will be producing 71% of Denmark's electricity needs. Other countries also benefit from this. Denmark produces so much wind energy that they are able to export it to other neighboring countries. For example, Germany and Switzerl and both recieve energy from Denmark. It is also a very clean source as it has no carbon emissions or nitrogen emissions that come along with burning fossilfuels. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Diagram above shows Denmarksenergy exports to surrounding countries Cost Analysis The Danish say that Wind energy is thecheapest form of renewable energy.It actually beats the renewable and non renewable including natural gasand solar energy. In 2016 the totalgeneration of wind will cost them about $.05 per kilowatts hour. Howeveroffshore turbines are slightly more expensive but Denmark is currentlyplanning to implement on shore turbinesthat will beat the cost of the sea ones. It is a long term good investment for thefuture with possible high initial costsfor building the turbines but over timepays off greatly. Denmark currently is already at 43% being completely clean energy. And renewable energy sources in theircountry account for 25% of Denmarkstotal energy consumption. They alsoplan on a partnership with Germanyand Switzerland on creating a largewind farm that will generate energyfor all 3 countries and can be exported. Facts/Stats In conclusion, Denmark has been paving the path to cleanenergy since 1970 when it put up its first turbine. Sincethey are now the leaders in green energy, it is safe to saythe rest of the world could learn something from them. They also rcently set the record for being 100% dependent on green energy for electricity in 2014. These facts show thatwind energy is in fact a viable source of energy that is costefficiant as well as reliable with the correct storage of theenergy. Conclusion
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