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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WILLISM ECONOMIC POLICY TO SAVE HIS NATION FROM A DEPRESSION POLICY SUMMARY Willism is based on portions and ideas taken from many different economic societies such as Communism from the USSR, ideas within capitalism including Australia and America, and ideals of Facism from Nazi Germany. The reason why ive chosen aspects from all economies is because every one of these economies have aspects that are valuable in an economy, and areas where all have worked out for them. Mainly, communism as it WAS NOT effected in the Great Depression In the time of a depression collectivisation will occur to all small business and more than 92% of public power will be handed to the state. Including banking, education and international trade will be stoppedAgriculture and factories will fall in the power of the state Aspects of governments Time periods for the economic policy of willism Full enforceme ntfor the first 10 yesrs Next 5 years to stabilise the economy Disbande d2 years after stability Public support All public charity services within Australia will be stopped to save money for the government This includes Center linkLegal aidThe Salvation Army Education All schools will be on the same level, meaning that there will be no fees for any school including university.Any personnel that does not comply will fall under the rules of order 66 (free public labour, and in extreme cases execution) To ensure people are working well, the school hours NATIONALLY will be: starting hours at 9am and ending hours at 3:30pmSchools will be under e control of the state Public transport and communic ation All public transport and communication will be under the power of the state to reduce confusion in the economy To reduce costs of international broadcasting, only select channels will be broadcasted nationally from international channels Transport will be cheaper due to higher production levels. CHANGES Our grand father Will HailWill Communism Capitalism Facism 25 768 33 Taxes will be raised by 200% on the wealthy and taxes of only 20% will be enforced on the economically unwealthyThis will get rid of class determination. Prices of products will also drop as there is no taxes on importing products The doll will be stopped and all prisoners MUST work for no pay as punishment for crimes Lower the cost to hold money in banks, which will bring more money back into the economyPunishments will also be stricter in crimes, as the legal system will not require as much money Law enforcement through the SPFOW(Secret police force of will) Production levels will be controlled to prevent over production Food and entertainment will still be in production, however at cheaper rates due to the collectivisation of farms and small businesses
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