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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke William Marshal 1st Earl of Pembroke born on 1146 and died May 14, 1219. During his life he had loyally served five kings, had beaten over 500 opponents in single combat,knighted two kings and spared a kings life, ruled England as Regent,beaten a powerful French army on English soil, saved the kingdom, and earned the respect of Europe. Henry was trained by William Marshal,but there is confusion as to whether the young king was knighted by William Marshal, or his father, Henry II. He is buried with two of his sons, Gilbert and Walter, in the Temple Church, London. William's effigy is located over his tomb William Marshal and his wife Isabel de Clare were married in 1189. William was about 43 at the time and Isabel was 17. They had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls William's favorite tactic in tournaments was to ride up to an opponent, seize his bridle, and despite his resistance, drag the other knight away from his friends and out of the lists, where William forced him to take an oath of submission and swear to pay ransom. Sometimes the victim would escape ransom by slipping off his horse and running away on foot. Then, however, William would still have the warhorse, a most valuable prize. If it's so please you, sire, so much will I say, that I am very happy to be armed and my arms don't cramp my style in the slightest.I shall not remove my armour for the rest of this day until I have discovered what burden we shall have to shoulder.An unarmed man cannot last out in a crisis or a grave situation and we don't know what their intentions will be.'
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