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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ukraine The first event to trigger the crisis in the Ukraine was President Viktor Yanukovich being removed from office through violent anti-government protests. Yanukovich and the protestors The anti-Yanukovich protesters are the EU protesters that want the Ukraine to be the United Ukraine instead of combining with Russia, which is not what President Yanukovich wanted. Yanukovich wants to join Russia and the Pro EU protesters want to make a United EU. Yanukovich used brute force on protesters heavily beating and killing a lot of them. The media has exposed this. The two biggest concerns of anti-government protesters are that the Ukraine will end up joining Russia under the rule of Vladimir Putin and that military action might need to take place in order to keep everything orderly The Pro- Yanukovich protesters are the people that support Yanukovich in teaming up with Russia and Vladimir Putin. The concerns of the pro-government protesters are a government takeover by the anti-government protesters and also the EU getting involved and things getting violent. Political forces views Germany Russia U.S United Nations Against the Ukrainejoining Russia so Germany is tryingto make deals with Putin in order to leavethe Ukraine alone. Wants the Ukraine to join forces with them and is supporting Yanukovich and the pro-government protesters.. Even though the U.S. plays very little part in all of this we support Russia as our ally. The United Nations believe that the Ukraine should be its own country and shouldn't join Russia and the influence of Putin. The UN secretarygeneral, spokesperson and leader is currently Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. The idea of the Ukraine joining Russia is a dividing factor in all the turmoil in the Ukraine. Ukraine is diverse in ethnicity, including a large amount of people from East and South Ukraine that originate from Russia. This gives them a bias for wanting to be apart of Russia and in believing in the economic stability and security that country and leader may provide. The United Nations have set up a series of peace meetings with England, France, Germany, Russia, and the Ukraine. The United States have not been a part of these meetings. There hasn't been any real solution made yet but these countries coming together to try and solve the problem is a step in the right direction.
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