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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I think its better to be single because you can focus on school more. Mawx Avalos (10) Less headaches and a fuller wallet. Alex Jaroquin (11) I wouldnt say being single is better but it sure has its benefits. Im single for the purpose of focusing in school but I already met my potential bae ;). Leslie Estrada (12) You dont have peopleall up in your business.Samantha Mares (11) You dont have to worry about anyone telling you what to do or worry about who you talk to. Melissa Ledesma (10) "Being a single pringle is fun!" Brandee Rojas (12) You get to spend more money on you and waste less on someone else. Jeanette Estrada (12) Why Is It Better To Be Single? You have more time for yourself. Brianna Villarreal (11) Less drama . Desiray Rojas (10) Mostly because you can do anything you want *smirk emoji* Joey Moran (12) Its not because it will be harder to find a prom date. Bardo Rodriguez (12) Youre independent and dont feel restricted. You don't need permission to do something.Nicholas Martinez (11) "You get to have fun without having to worry about what your boyfriend/girlfriend would say. Justin Herrera (10) You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and dont have to worry about your partner being upset. Mia Fausto (9) More time to focus on personal interests like academics and extra curricular activities. Nhamdi Jogwe (12) Being single allows you to enjoy high school with no restrictions. Adam Serrano (11) When youre in a relationship its more responsibility and Im not responsible. Edwin Medina (12)
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