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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three days before his assassination Lincoln had a dream that the president (himself) had passed Lincoln's Assassination Tevon Payton Nathan Wallace Kennedy's Assassination 9/11 Attack The Great Fire of London While at a sports game with Stubby, Maddie saw a cheerleader Payton, She told Stubby about how she was supposed to die the next week, again the next week Payton was murdered. After being told about Nathanbeing found, Maddie correctly knew he would not be dead JFK made a comment on his assassination and the exact way he was killed, the day he was shot. The attack on the "centre of the earth" or trade centre steel birds (airplanes) hit the "two rocks" twin towers was all predicted. Timeline infographicabout lorem ipsum dolor sit amet When Mrs. Tibblot came to see Maddie to talk about her daughter, Maddie noticed from the picture and told her that her son was going to die the next week. That following week Tevon was murdered. With Wallace missing, Maddie saw his photo and learned he was near death, they soon searched for him and found him dying but he was able to be saved. After learning Wallacewas missing, Maddiesaw his photo and learned he was near death, they thenBegan to search andthey found him dyingbut was able to save him A prophet said how blood will be demanded in London "burnt by the fire in the year 66". In 1666 the Great Fire of London happened burning down the medieval city of London. Prophets and When
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