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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 what was mightier that the t rex? the giganototsaurus was a really big carnivore bigger that the t rex it wieghed up to 8 tons aswell its teeth were bladed made for slicing not crushing the acrocanthosaurus was also farly big it had a bone ridge on its back like the spinosaururs but it was theorizes that the ridge would have muscle around itin order to strengthen the bite force and tail of this beast the tyrannosaurus rex is a powerful theropods and one of the last its very intelligent and has binocular vision and very acute sense of smell its feet have special paddingwhich makes it easy for the to actually fell its prey it has the strongest bite for of any animal and its teeth are coated in a special batciria giganotosaurus: or the giant southern lizard was a formidablepredetor that had razor sharp teeth it was bigger that the tyranosaururs by a full meter acrcathosaurus:also known as high spined lizard this huge beast was scary buteven more terrafing just thinkingthat it might of been a packhunter it might of romed in packs because multiple skeletonshave been found together 0 50 100 January February March April May June July STATS tyrannosaururs: this predetor was basicly the newest model of fierce and powerfulits jaw was literaly a thick block of muscleand its teeth were conical which was a hint that is was made to crush bonelike a hyena its brain was fairl large and it had binocular vision iin the history chanel it stated "there was a bactiriaon its teeth like a komodo dragon the carcahrodontosaururs was a bigpowerful predetor able to over power its preywith its size aloneit had sharp blade like teeth madefor bite and run tacticsit had a lot of experience because it wascompeting with the 9 feet longrugops and the the 46 feet long spinosaururs what was mightier that the t rex? where were they? where were they? the carcharodontosaurus lived neer egypt and africa and it had competed with the 46 foot long spinosaurus its massive teeth and jawswere very powerful its was bigger t rex but not quite as bigas the the spinosaurus but it was bulkier it live about 112 million years ago brown:giganotosaurursyellow:acrocanthosaurusgreen:carcharodontosaurursred:tyrannosaururs rex the giganotosaururs was also a large theropod that lived neer south america about 97 milion yearsago that had powerful slicing teeth and jaws the acrocanthosaurus was asmaller theropod but still dangerousit live about 114 million years agoit made its home neer what wouldsoon be texas and oklahoma today the tyranosaururs rex lived on earth about 65 million years ago and was really advanced and evolvedit spanned across america and ate what it wanted and believed to have travel in a goon squad of one adult and the kids as herders with all this information we know have a bases for how the fight would have gone even tho these dinosaurus never met (some far away and some diffent times) this would have been how it woud of gone the t rex is a power predator with amazing senses of smell sight and touch, its foot padding would have made vibrations more amplified so it would be ready for the ememy eather by hiding to ambush or rushing it head on aganst the carcharodontosaurus it would have sensed it along way before it come close so it would be ready its teeth were conical to crush bone and to cause damage since its jaws were pure muscle it could crush a truck with a 12,800 pound bite force the most powerful bit of any terrestrain animal one bite would leave anything horibly injuredand it had basicly a poisonous bite the carcharodontosaurus on the other hand had a weaker bite force and blade like teeth made for slicing instead of crushing and was also dummer that the t rex because it wasn't as evolved and advanced but it was bigger than it by a full meter or 3 to 4 feet and had more wieght to make up for it but the t rex would still win the mighty t rex is the king of the dinosaurs for a couple reasonsit had powerful jaws that could total a car and dismember anything in its jawsit was over 45 feet long and it looked menacing but lets see if a coupleof competitors can de throne this tyrant the carcharodontosaurus,the giganotosaurus and the acrcanthosaurus carcharodontosaurus: also known as the great white shark lizardwas a powerful enormous predator that hunted with its sheer brute strength andpower
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