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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is my impact? Sercives46% Food 14% Shelter11% Mobility 7% Goods 21% If everybody lived like me we would need 4.3 earths to survive. Also, to support my lifestyle it take 19.1 global acres of earths productive areas.Obviously this is not a beneficial way of living, but there are many ways to fix this. How can I change my lifestyle?...driving a more eco-friendly carusing less house-hold appliancesbuying less clothing and books doing these simple things changed my results from 4.3 earths to 3.2. My carbon footprint... My ecological impact... HomeEnergy 61% Food 7% Waste 8% Driving &Flying 26% With my lifestyle the estimated emission of greenhouse gasses per year is 11 tons of carbon dioxide. I use an incredible amount of home energy, and driving causes most of it. I am a vegetarian and my family recycles everything!Therefore these are not issue in my home. How can I change my lifestyle?...Using more ENERGY STAR appliances, reducing the amount of hot water used in my home, and carpooling a little more. Doing these things reduces the amount of carbon dioxide I release to 7.2 tons. My Water Impact... 0 250 500 750 1000 1250 1500 1750 2000 Home Diet Energy Stuff With my life style is use more water for energy then the average American. The water that we use in my home is less then the average amaericansame for the amount of stuff in my home. How can I change my lifestyle?...Driving lessFly lessTake vacations closer to home Use more renewable energy sources Abby Plaisance 12/19/14Period 4
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