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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is media literacy? television computers Cell Phones Ads These towersare powerful,they send messages to radios around the worldcreating media literacy. Its a classic and a form of media literacyinforming youof news in around the world. Computers have been aroundfor a whileand they open doorsto all types of media literacy such as the internet and ads. Music Music, everyonelikes music.In fact its a formmedia literacy and it carries its own messagesacross the world. The most used media literacy.Over 2000 texts senta month on average...HOLY! Constantly posted around the world everyday companiesmake it nearly impossible to go oneday without this type of mediain your life. What in the world is literacy to you? Do you even know what it is? Well lets find out... Radio Tower Media literacy is how people get their thoughts and ideas to you threw technology. basically its any form of communication that is received threw any form of media. Everyday you run into dozens of media literacyyet you may not even notice it.Here are some examples. My life in the 21th century is filledwith media literacy. Since technologietakes a big part of our lives everydayits been spreading like wild fire across the world and around us. It can be foundon our shirts, attatched to planes, its even on the website im using. Its crazy and it will continue to grow everyday of our lives.
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