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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Consumers What makes a business? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources "The Business of Business" Firstly I think one of the most important concepts of abusiness is the consumers. Consumers are the people who buy goods and services from the producers. Normally a business is made to produce goods to satisfy the demand and needs of the consumers, then consumers buy the products that have been produced for them. So the demand of the consumers is what keeps a business running. If the consumers are satisfied with whatever good they are receiving then the business will be successful. Without consumers a business wouldnt run because they are the ones who influence a businesss motive and products. They are the ones that are supposed to buy products off producers to appease their needs, and if consumers do not do that the company will make no money. Therefore, the business will fail. So in general consumers are a very important concept of the business industry. Profits Lastly I think that the profit a company makes is a very important part of a business. Profit is the money a business has left over, after paying for all the necessary costs and expenses. I believe that this is an important concept of business because if in the end the amount of profit left shows how successful the company actually is. If there is a lot of profit left, this means that the company is very successful, and is shared equally within the people and branches of a company. If there is less or no profit in the end it shows that the company could be better and there is room for improvement. So therefore the profit basically shows the actual value of the company. Marketing Mcdonalds is successfulby spending 963 milliondollars on marketing peryear. I think another important aspect of business is Marketing. I believe that this is important because marketing is basically promoting the product you are trying to sell. Without promoting a product or service you want consumers to buy, it will be much unknown and no one wants to buy anything without having known that it is good. Marketing is used in ways of advertisement on the bus; online and anywhere you go, also good marketing is opening more marketplaces. This helps makes a business become known, and makes consumers eager to try the product or join the company being advertised. For example when I see a restaurant advertisement constantly I always want to go eat there. In my opinion without marketing a business would not be as successful as they would want to be. Producers As well I think producers are one of the most important concepts of business. Producers are the ones that fabricate the goods or create the services available. A producer is the person that helps maintain the amount of products that are being produced and services in a company. They are the ones that help satisfy the consumers needs. Therefore without a producer the process of fabrication of products to appease the needs the company needs to achieve would be impossible. They play a big part in the companys success, because the better quality the producers make the products, the more consumers will buy constantly. So producers help keep the production a business going.
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