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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fun Facts CellularOrganization Living things are made of Chemicals The Characteristics of Living Organisms Reproduction Growth and Adaptation Living thingsRespond to their Surrounding Cells are the smallestand most basic unit of life. All living things are made up of of a singlecell or a collection of cells. These cells are composed from other cells due to celluar reproduction. Living organisms have the ability to take a very simplematerial and create a more complex and functional organism. For example, a human has the ability to take a group of similar cells and combine them toform tissue that will go on to make organs. Metabolism All living things must take in and use energy to be considered living. This energy is used to repair andfunction the organism. Metabolism is defined as process by whichand organism converts what they eat or drink into energy. All living things are made of a group of chemicals. These chemicals are similarin most organisms. The most common of these chemicals include water, carbohydrates, proteins,lipids, and nucleic acids. All living things reproduce either by sexual or asexual reproduction. Genetic coding is passed to offspring. Only the most favorable traits are passeddown to the offspring due to natural selection. All living things grow with the increase in number of cells. They also adapt to their surroundings. An adaptation can be any type of bodyshape, physiological process, or behavior that enables an organism to survive in its environment. All living things respond to changes in the environment due to stimuli acting of the organism. This is often referred to as a reflexsuch as pulling away when you touch something hot. It is has been a struggle for years for scientist to determine if something is living or not living. Here are a few characteristics of living things that scientist use to separate living and non-living things. What is Life Living things have Cells What is Life? 1. In 1944 a non-fiction science book was created. The book was titled What is Life?2.Charles Darwin, Father of Evolution, was involved in many characteristics of living things such as reproduction and adaptations. Lampson, N. 7 Characteristics of Life. Retrieved January 29, 2015, from
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