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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme Devolpment By: Terriyonna Kenny Theme: Never change who are and always forgive the past. Plot: Character: Summary: What Happen To Goodbye!! The character in this story name is Mcleans attitude is cautious but very adventurous. She wants to become her own person not a made up idea of a character. Mclean is a senior in high school and is still grieving over her parents horrible divorce. She has moved four times with her dad in the past three years, since her parents divorce. In every town Mclean and her father move to, Mclean creates a new identity. She uses a form of her name and creates a persona. She's not sure which person she really is. When she moves to Lakeview, she finds herself using her real name for the first time. Mclean makes new friends and settles in, but all the while she is aware that she will most likely have to move on soon. Mclean is particularly drawn to the boy who lives next door. He's a genius who is trying to live a "normal" life. She also meets a girl who is considered an outcast by others. When Mclean befriends her, she finds there are many amazing facets of the girl's personality and experiences that Mclean appreciates. Since Mclean is friends with others, they, too, begin to get to know the other girl, showing a growth in acceptance and friendship. The plot of the story was Mclean needed to find herself again and order to move on from the past. Setting
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