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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who is happier & Boy or Girl & Why? Social Network Sleep Time Daydream Time More Social Network, Less Sleep Time Less Social Network, Less Daydream Time More Happiness More Happiness Less than 1 hour More than 1 hour sleep time:14 less than 7 hours27 more than 7 hoursDaydream time:25 often19 rarely sleep time:30 less than 7 hours14 more than 7 hoursDaydream time:28 often16 rarely Sleep Time Less Social Network, More Sleep Time So generally, which gender is happier? People who haveLess Social Network, More Sleep Time, Less Daydream are happier Sleep Time Social Network Daydream Time Sleep time:25 more than 7h17 less than 7h Male Female Sleep time:19 more than 7h29 less than 7h Male Female Male Female Social Network:20 more than 1h20 less than 1h Social Network:23 more than 1h24 less than 1h Daydream Time:22 often20 rarely Daydream Time:32 often15 rarely Male Sleep More, More happier Male Less Social Network, More happier Male Less Daydream Time, More happier Among the students in SUIS WanYuan Campus, Males Win The Competition of Happiness! Social Network Time & Daydream Time & Sleep Time Our propose is to find out which gender is happier. The result depended on the questionnaires that we did before about happiness.
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