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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 First satellite to orbit Earth1957Lunched by the soviet union the first satelite was lunched to orbit the earth First human in space1961yuri gargarin was the first manin the space First American in space1961alan shepard on a 15 minute 28 second suborbital flight First American to orbit earth1962 John glenn circles earth three times in4 hours and 56 minutes First women in space1963valentina tereshkova was the first women to go into space from the soviet. First space walk1965alexei leonov was the first person to go on a space walk. First deaths in space1967on a lunch pad during a lunch a fire started and killed three people from soviet. First moon landing1967neil armstrong and buzz aldrin were the first two people to land on the moon for america First space rescue1970an oxygen tank explodes on the rocket and needsa resque First space station1971the soviets lunch the first orbiting space station First American space station1973american lunch the first american space station First Mars landing1976america send the first probe to mars First American women in space1983sally ride was the first american women into outer space. First African-American in space1983guion bluford was the african american in space First civilian death 1986the space shuttle challenger exploded killing all seven members Space Facts Space StationNASA's first space walk took place during the gemini project People in SpaceTwelve men have walked on the moon, two each on six different Apollo missions People in SpaceThe first and only three-person EVA was performed on May 13, 1992, as the third spacewalk of STS-49 Space Spin Offs Inviable BracesHealthto protect the infrared antennae of heat-seeking missile trackers. Scratch Resistant LensesHealthToday, the coating is still used on hard resin plastic used in most eye glasses that people wear everyday. Satellite TelevisionHome RecreationsWithout the technology pioneered by NASA they used to fix errors in spacecraft signals,
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