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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Get Into Shape WHY?Successful people take care of their bodyI want to have as much energy as possible!It is healthy and lead to higher self confidenceImprove my relationship with my partnerI can war my old dresses - I hate shopping new!Makes life simply easier and more enjoyableI will be able to do more, reach more, be more Goal 1: Start: 01.12.2014 Finish: 13.05.2015 Micro Goal 1 Micro Goal 2 Micro Goal 3 Measuring the prozess -5 KGFrom 01.12.2014Until 31.12.2014 Get Into Shape Baby!!! -5 KGFrom 01.01.2015Until 13.03.2015 -3 KGFrom 13.03.2015Until 13.05.2015 Checkup: 17.12.2014:-2 KG completed Checkup: 24.12.2014: Checkup: 31.12.2014: Checkup: 14.01.2015: Checkup: 14.02.2015: Checkup: 31.01.2015: Checkup: 13.03.2015: Checkup: 28.02.2015: Checkup: 31.03.2015: Checkup: 14.04.2015: Checkup: 30.04.2015: Checkup: 13.05.2015: Follow up and new planning needed! REVIEWMEDAILY! MORNING ROUTINE:Waking up between 5:30-5:50Drinking 1 Liter Lemon Water20 Minutes Yoga with Gratitudeand Breathing Exercises20-30 Minutes Meditation withVisualization and IncantationsGreen Smoothie and GoingOver My Plans No fast food, alcohol, salt,sugar (instead honey), whitepasta, rice or flower 1 Liter Green Teafor every day Get help withvisualization Eat Cleanevery day! Cardio Workout30-40 MinutesDAILYin the evening I am not eating passed 6 p.m.If hungry, then veggies or fruits! Eating a LOTS OF fruits andVeggies every single DAY!Carrots for snacks. I know exactly, whatI put into my body everytime I eat or drink Constantly educating myselfregarding eating habits, vitamins, body, so everythingregarding HEALTH! It has to be a constant life style and notsomethingyou can changeall the time! Trying to eat fish2 times a week! Eating small portions of food! Using olive oilinstead of fat Not seeking forexcuses,action rules! Never lose focus!Concentrate every singleday!Use auto-suggestion andseek for help.Celebrate the smallresults too! Using the Mirror Technique Alkaline and Antioxidants and Power Foods:All berries, all beans, avocado,tomato, broccoli, garlic, lemon,nettles tee, nuts, fish, paprika, lentil, peas, artichoke, SPINACH; cucumber, potatovinegar, Yoghurt for healthy bacteria, curry, Granatapple
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