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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internet Safety Cyber Bullying In web 2.0 we learned aboutinternet safety and how important it is.we learned about what we should or shouldnot do. Internet safety is all about what we can or can not post online. We also learned aboutcyber bullying and how dangerous it is to other people. Cyber bullyingis rude and mean. It can damage otherslife. Coding Another thing we learned washow to code and what it is for. Coding is important to some jobs.Coding also helpswith creating a website. Google earth We learned what google earth is and how to use it. Google earth is a great wayto find places you might want to go and what you want to see in the world.On google earth you can take tours ofdifferent tours that people have made. Keyboarding We learned how to keyboard and we learned good websites to help you practice on your keyboarding. Keyboarding has become a requirement to some jobs. Keyboarding correctlycan make you faster at typing instead oftyping slow. Summary In web 2.0 we learned a lot of things on the computer. My paper is mainlyabout google earth, keyboarding, internet safety, coding and cyber bullying.Another thing we learned in web 2.0 was googleearth. My teacher is mr. Krick and he was really helpful throughout the quarter. Mr. Kricktaught us many things about the computer.I have wrote about most of the things we did in the quarter.Web 2.0 is a very helpful class and it will help you in your future life Erin Burnette p.4M
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