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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Road Map of The Art of Racing in the Rain By: Sir Jonathan R. Landie I Beginning of Novel "Kiss me now," she said to Denny."Now?""Not when the bus is here, I don't want Jesse to seesee". (Page 113-114) This is when Denny is dopping his daughter Zoe off on the bus. Denny was trying to give Zoe her goodbye kiss, but Zoe didn't want to be kissed by her dad in front of her friend. This shows how Denny is a good loving father who cares about his child. Quote Analysis At the beginning of the novel, Denny is a good guy.He was an aspiring race car driver, who was a mechanic.He got a dog named Enzo, and they were basically bestfriends. Denny had a wife named Eve, and a daughter named Zoe. Life was pretty fresh. Denny's wife, Eve, dies, then her parents attempt to take custody of Zoe, and accuse Denny as a rapist. Denny is not a happy guy at this point. Middle-ish of novel Other double entry journal thing "I know, I know. It's just the timing of her coming forward is... a big coincidence." (Page ###)This is when Trish (Eves mom) is talking to her husband and questioning if Denny really is a rapist. She may be doubting this because she may think Denny is a genuinely good guy. End of Novel By the end of the novel, Denny regains custody of his daughter, his dog Enzo dies, and Denny gets a very good job. Denny is still the very good guy that he was at the beginning of the novel, but now he is probably much wiser. Denny is living a good life, once again, all is fresh.
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