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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE WATER FRAME Invented by Richard Arkwright, based on the Flying Shuttleinvented by John Kay. In England in 1762, Richard Arkwright heard about the attempts to develop new technology for spinning and weaving thread. He met John Kay who had developed the Flying Shuttle, he abandoned the project because he had no more money to fund it. Richard hired John and others to come up with a better invention for spinning, weaving, etc. threads. They came up with the Water Frame, it was originally to be used by horses but they figured out it'd be easier to use water. With that inmind Richard Arkwright set up his machine in 1771 at a large factory on the Derwent River in Cromford.This innovation in spinning machines was incredible; it was the first powered, self working, and unceasing textile machine, it spun stronger and thicker threads than known before. Impacts by the Water Frame: - Was able to supply moreproducts than known before-It split up an industry knownas a family production -- it was turned into a realbusiness within a factory-It made strong, thick thread-It produced its' goods quickly and efficiently THE WONDERFUL WATER FRAME Sources:
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