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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 War of 1812 1814 1812 1813 1813 Causes of the war: We wanted Canada, our ships were being attacked, Brittan was impressing our sailors and because the native Americans were receiving support by British when they were attacking us. Perrys ship was destroyedbut he rowed to anothership with the banner, defeating the two british ships Harrison went to defeatethe british ships only to find out that they hadretreated to canada Harrison persued the British forcesdefeating them at the battle of theThames getting rid of the threat inthe northwest An american flag was hungat the battle of Fort McHenryat the end, the flag was still there leading to the writing of the star spangle banner written byFrances Scott Key The Treaty of Ghent was madeand signedending the war Ships such as the constitutionhad one victories against pirates boosting Americanconfidence at sea. Perry a naval captainrode out to meat hisenemy, aboard hisship was a banner that sayed "do not give up this ship" 1812 June 18, 1812 was the daythat congress approvedMadison request to go into war British forces wentto cut off Englandbut were defeatedby an American fleer at the battle of lakeChamplain The Battle of NewOrleans was a pointless battle because it wasafter the treatyof Ghent was signed Effects of the war: The effects of the war was and increase in patriotism, greater U.S. Manufacturing and it weakened nativeAmerican resistance.
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