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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE The Journey 2012 Admission During Custody Education Remand Cabri Lorem Lorem Lorem Lorem Lorem Ipsum Et Dolor Sit Amet NOI NOI'S Child Support Trust AccountPayments Lawful CustodyAllowance DHS Informatio nSessions Family Payments POI Tax File Number BankAccounts Pre -Release Medicar eCard Health CareCard Post Release Referrals Release Release Release Packs JCA Job Services Australia UTLAH Assesmen t Debt prevention on entry to allow assessment of Centrelink payment Debt prevention on entry to allow assessment of Centrelink payment CorrectChild Supportassessment s Outstanding payment delivered to detention centre trust account Preparing for release DHS information sessions Family paymentsfor customers with children with them in custody e-Health and MyGovregistrations Registratio n Collection of POI BirthCertificate, Medicare Card, Student ID,Educational Certificates, Apply forTax FileNumbers Facilitating the activation of bank accounts Lawful Custody Allowance helping with study expenses Medicare card pre-release application service Access to HealthCare Card Job Capacity Assessmentsand Employment ServicesAssessments.Access to MedicalReports/documentsto assess claims for DSP Unreasonable tolive at home - social workerassessment.Confirmation if customeris under Child Safety(confirm supportedand unsupported care) Income Managemen t Information about Income ManagementandHow do I use Basic Card Referrals Referral to Job ServicesAustralia for looking for work and program support Referral to education to commence immediately upon release Pre-release assessment of Centrelink payment and service. Assessment forRent Assistance and Centrepay for Housing Release Packsif discharged from court / Remand Pack containing,-POI-DHS contact information -Discharge LetterCertificate with photo Notifcatio n Post Release Referrals to postrelease support (e.g. Community Transitional Support Services) DHS to be notified of discharge from court.Discharge Letter/Certificate with photo Post Release SupportReferrals to:-Community support agencies-Social Work-Community Engagement Officers
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