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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Boy in the Striped Pajamasby John Boyne Bruno comes home from school and sees his mom and maid packing his stuff. He wont be coming back home anytime soon. When he arrives at the camp he sees a big fence, guards and a big house. They hire a teacher who teaches them basic subjects and also how the jews are evil monsters. This increases Grettles hatred for Jews, but Bruno doesnt understand. After falling off the swings Pavol, The butler and gardener puts a band-aid on him and then gets beaten by guards for doing it. Bruno is told that the backyard is off limits, but that doesnt stop him he follows a long fence and meets a boy in a striped uniform. The Jews in the warsaw ghetto rise up and attack the guards and take over the ghetto. Giving them some freedom. Many german soldiers were sent to Warsaw and the uprising was crushed by the german army. Many were executed or sent to work camps. Bruno's Mother couldnt handle the the camp and what they did yo people. She wanted to get away from the horrors and go back home After Shmuels Papa goes missing, Shmuel asks Bruno for help finding him. And since Bruno wont see Shmuel ever again he decides he will help him and go into the camp. After going into the camp, Shmuel gives Bruno a uniform. They walk into Shmuels Hut. German soldiers bust in and tell them to march. They go into a gas chamber, thinking they are taking showers. Not knowing whats going on Bruno and Shmuel hold hands and hope for the best. They die Hand in Hand. Brunos Family frantically tried to stop the gassing, but were to late.
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