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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 So your wifi's down, huh?Don't cry too much! E-PAPERCHARGE LEVEL [100%] try this: CYBERPUNK. 1981 Drink the tea. Read the book. 2001 - The Blade RunnerSeries exposes the newlyborn Cyberpunk genre tothe masses. THERUSSIAN PERESTROIKA 1967 - "The Death of Grass", a powerful strain of virus decimatesthe world's crop of grains and cereal plants, leading to mass starvation. SURVIVALISM Bonus: Go outside! Start in a room byyourself. You'llneed a book,some food, somepaper, and some pencils. 1965 - "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", publishedwith references to dystopianfutures, and the loss of humanitythrough cybernetic implants. 1955 - "GOJIRA" or "Godzilla", a film about a nuclear-radiatedgiant lizard that attacks Japan. 1969 - "The Day the Earth Caughton Fire", a film where earth is thrown out of orbit due to excessive nuclear testing. 1979 - "Mad Max", a film wherethe world runs out of oil, leadingto total chaos and civil unrest. POST-MODERNSCI-FI (1960) 1980 - TODAY CYNICAL CULTURAL ATTITUDES CONSPIRACIES THE RISE OF THE COMPUTER THE PEACE MOVEMENT A NEW HOPE FEAR OF THE CORPORATION APOCALYPTICSCIENCEFICTION (1960) survive with no wifi In 1981, Bruce Bethkerreleaseshis short story "Cyberpunk", which is thefirst time anybody usesthe term. the beginningof the end forthe Cold War William Gibson releaseshis SPRAWL seriesin 1981, which becomes the first official cyberpunkbook series. COMPUTERSSTART TOBECOME MOREPOWERFUL "HACKING"ENTERSPOPULARCULTURE ALIENSBECOMEPOPULARTOPICS POST-MODERNIST DYSTOPIA HIGH-TECH, LOW LIFE CYBERNETICS REBELLION Look around. Are there any windows? If thereare, look out of them.
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