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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Achieve Targets Cancer Research Foundation Induction Ready for Field 12 months Project Cabri Enjoy position with the Foundation Whom should the Doctor Convenience & Refer Reporting Research Hospital Doctor'sReferral FEES 25,000 Understanding the Project Dynamics & Financials to get ready for the job Boss MOU Volunteer Roadmap Ancient Indian Principles of Healing CHIKITSYA Dr. Lall's R&D Trust : CRF patnered with Chikitsya to promote this project. Project Specification : CRF intends to generate Research Report to this initiative : CRF will protect the treatment FEEs of the patients by being the Gauranter : CRF will work with Doctors directly for the inflow of patients into this project : CRF is working on the latest Report by American Institute for Cancer Research on Reversal by Food & Nutrition YOU : CRF is partnering with Doctors and passing the monetary Rewards to them for this noble work Any patient who can pay to come out of medicines for any glandular disorder / disease like Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, Infertility, Cancers or Any other hormonal disorders Doctor Min : 5 patients referral per week Performance Target Min : 10 doctors network per week > Every 2nd Day> Update the network report> Coach & Guidance> Incentive Approval> Future Appraisals> Any other as per reqs NO Medicine, NO Emergency, NO Surgery, NO Shortcuts.
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