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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Volcanoes! Why do people choose to live near volcanoes? people choose to live near volcanoes because they feelthe advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Most volcanoes are safe for longperiods of time betweenerupting and those volcanoesthat erupt more often are thoughtof as predictable by residents. The main reasons people live near volcanoes is because theminerals in the soil, the soils being so fertile, geothermal energyand tourism. A definition of a volcano A volcano is a mountain or a hill,typically conical, having a crater or vent through which lava,rock fragment,heat vapor and gasses are, or have been erupted from the earths crust. Causes of volcanic eruptions The causes of the volcaniceruptions is because of the densityand pressure, the lower densityof the magma relative to thesurrounding rocks can causeit to rise. The magma will rise to the surface then blow out the topof the volcano or rise to a certain depth which is determined by the density of the magma and theweight of the rocks sitting above the magma. Damage volcanic eruptions can cause Damage from volcanoes can be quite horrific, some examples of destruction are earthquakes,fast floods, mud slides, rock falls and the lava can burn anything inits way, bury anything in its way,(especially houses, people and trees) and can damage anything in its path. Another big issue with volcanic eruptions is the ash, gas and dust created,it can make it hard for people to breathe and the amount of ash that can fall on houses can make those houses collapse and also smells very bad What can be done to minimize the impact of this natural hazard and what individuals can do to prepare for this To start don't live near volcanoes or be very aware of the indications thatthe volcano may soon erupt or pouring sea water over the flowingmagma can stop it from flowing. what individuals can do isevacuate the town as quick as possible or be ready with the sea water. By MoniqueTurner.
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