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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vocabulary Controller Robots Bearings Batteries Power A person or thingthat directs or regulates something. A machine capable of carrying out a complex seriesof actionsautomatically Motors Manipulaters Sensors A container consistingof one or more cells, which chemical energy is converted intoelectricity and usedas a source of power The ability to dosomething or actin a particular way, especially asa facultyor quality Logic Microcontrollers A machine , especially on poweredby electricitythat suppliesmotive powerfor a vehicle or some other device Systems are generallydesigned to position Drive train A device that detects or measures aphysical property and records, indicates or responds toit A machine partin which a rotatingshaft revolvesor slides. A system in a motor vehicle that connects the transmission to the drive axels. A block of digital logicthat can be personalizedin order to provideadditional processingcapability Chassis Wheels Artificial Intelligence CHART Humaniod Andriod Articulated Arm Robotics Pistons The base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance A circular object that revolves on an axel. Hands shouldstay on thewheel at all timeswhen driving. The theory and development of computer systems able toperform tasks thatnormally require humanintelligence Having an appearance orcharacter resemblingthat of a human A robot with a human appearance. The androidlooks like the president. Artificial limbs The branch of technology thatdeals with design,construction,operatio, and application of robots A disk or short cylinder fitting closely within a tubewhich it movesup and down againstliquid or gas
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