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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Britains Booming Scrap Metal Trade Sponsored By If you are looking to see the earning potential of a scrapcar then take a look at the diagram below. Many peoplearen't aware of how much value a seemingly uselessand destroyed old car still has. This is where scrappersmake all of their money. @VKSalvage1 The scrap metal industry is now worth a staggering10 billion pounds in the UK with scrappers earning anywhere from 12 pounds a day using pony and trapto 800 pounds a day with a proper lorry. The recessionhas created a whole new generation of entrepreneurs. TOTAL PRICE = 260-750 GBP ESTIMATE: 30-350 GBP Engines are complicated,there are many options fromstripping them down in to individual parts of selling as a whole. Obviously the condition and quality of the original engine matter a lot. ENGINE CATALYTIC CONVERTER The catalytic converter is often forgottenabout by people other than professionalscrappers. It can however be taken offand sold separately. ESTIMATE: 5-60 GBP GEAR STICK/ BADGES/EMBLEMS/NUMBERING Desirable emblems and lettering such as classicMercedes, BMW or special edition cars likethe Ford Cosworth can be sold on eBay for a large sum. ESTIMATE: 5-50 GBP BATTERY The batteries are priced up per kg. Thecurrent going rate for a batter is 70pper kg and an averga battery weighsin the region of 10kg. ESTIMATE: 5 GBP ALLOY WHEELS ESTIMATE: 100 GBP Alloy wheels are the second most valuable part of the car after thebodywork. Value is all dependent on what they are made of and thestructure of the rims. BODYWORK This is where the main value of the carlies due to the large amount of scrap metal involved. Your average carweighs around a ton and the current value of scrap metal is in the region of150 pounds per ton. ESTIMATE: 120-150 GBP
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