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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Information about Floods Hi my name is Vito from flood news and today I'm going to talk about Before , During and After a flood . Vito Before a flood Make sure your family knows where to go during a flood . And make sure to check the weather report incase there is another natural disaster . You have to bring your survival kit . Your kit shouldinclude water , food ( snacks ) , money , a phone , flashlight , radio , battery charge and a passport . Then take your radio to listen to the weather report if there is a suddenchange of the weather . During a flood Never drive, walk, play or swim in floodwaters. People and vehicles can be swept away in fast moving floodwaters, waters can be contaminated by sewage or toxic chemicals and can contain submerged objects and debris which could cause injuries IntrodutionHowever, floods are not always causes by heavy rainfall . They can result from other phenomena, particularlyin coastal areas where inundation can be caused by a storm surge associated with a tropical cyclone,a tsunami or a high tide coinciding with higher than normal river levels . After a floodWait until an area that has been flooded is declared safe before enteringWear rubber boots or rubber soled shoes when entering a property that has been flooded References : What do I do before, during and after a flood - WaterConnect , Floods
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