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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Vitamin B6 is needed in the metabolism of macronutriants.The main coenzymefor B6 is pyridoxyl Phosphate B6 is primarily storedin the mucel tissue of meat, so meat has the highest content of B6. Absorbtion of B12 Gastric phase where B12 binds with R-protiens in stomach. Luminal phase is where the R-protein is digested releasing the B12, than the B12 combines with intrinsic factor. Mucosul phase is where theIntrinsic Factor and B12 is taken to a receptor where only the B12 is taken up. Folate metabolism and cell divition Water Soluble Vitamins B6, B12 and Folate B12 is found mostly in animal sources. Food sources of folate Toxicity: Side effects are megaloblastic anemia in pregnant woman, natural tube defects and High homocysteine levels Toxicity: To high levels can cause nerve damage.Deficiency: can cause depression, anemia, and confusion. Deficiency: B12 deficiency is hardto detect, but if there are the symptoms will be memory loss, confusion and other neurological symptoms. Folates major coenzyme is Tetrahydrofolic acid (THFA). It is importantbecause it helps with Amino acid and nucleotide metabolismDNA synthesis Homocysteine metabolism B12s major coenzyme is cyanocobalamin. It is used in the Formation of methionine fromhomocysteine, RBC formation andNerve functions. RDA recomendations B6- the RDA is: >250mg/day Folates function in metabolism and cell division: THFA provides a single carbon containing molecules during the synthesis of DNA purines and pyrimadineVitamin B 12 and Folate Metabolism: 1. 5-Me-THFA ----> THFA forms folate. coenzymes used in reactions (such as nucleic acid synthesis) 2. in methionine synthase, Me-Cobalamin and cobalamin cycle while homocystein forms methionine. methionine forms SAM (a methyl donor for many cellular reactions.) Folate- The RDA is 400 DFE (dietary folate equivalents) B12- The RDA is 2.4 micrograms for ages 14 or older. Homocysteine metabolism Homocysteine is a type of amino acid degradation product of a protein. In a healthy body the enzyme degrades homocysteine from the blood to change them to other forms of amino acids. If homocysteine levels get to high this can cause damage to the brain, bones, and can effect the cardiovascular system. Getting in B vitamins is a good way to make sure homocysteine metabolism takes place to keep toxicity levels down.
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