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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 POLITICS We applied 50 survey to students of Universidad La Salle in Mexico City to know the percentage of the students of our school that are aware of any visual problems, if they wear glasses or contact lens, if they haveproblems to wear them, if they go to an specialized doctor to check their vision and if someone of their family have those visual problems Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. The Deutsche Mark lost 75% of it's value during WW1. It was after the war,however, when hyperinflationbegan Meat consumption dropped88% from pre-war levels = 50,000 deaths to starvation or hypothermia 1918 post pre Agricultural production dropped 16% When we asked La Salle community if they had any visual problems, 58% of them were visually impaired War Guilt Loss of land 1. Military restrictions 27% of La Salle respondents have astigmatism 59% havemyopia and astigmatism, 14%myopia and 0% daltonism ECONOMIC & SOCIAL NOVEMBERCRIMINALS right wing (USPD) some supportedthe left wing These grievances caused political allegiances to bepolarized following the war: Both attempted revolutions: The army was resicted to 100,000 men with other restrictionsalso taking effect: The newly formed socialistgovernment was blamed- and branded the Sparticist Uprising Jan 1919 Kapp Putch Mar 1920 (Fatherland Party) Some supported the 1916 Cost of a loaf of bread: Nov 1923 - 200,000,000,000 D Marks Sept 1922 - 163 D Marks Visual Problems 68% of zinc ore possessed 48% of ironore lost 26% of coalresources lost
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