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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 rise of the megacitiy Mexico City is geographically located in Mexico, South Amercia. Seraipanok is a city located in south east-asia. Mexico City Seraipanok Jakarta Jakarta is located on the west coast of java. Seaipanok is a city in south east asia,which is where i live with my mum, dadand 15 siblings. Some migration problems faced for my familyis that my parents don't earn enoughmoney for the family to move to billybong.but my famly is stuck in this horrible city or Seraipanok.traffic congestion is another big problem in Seraipanok, it causes serious social problems. This is because of thousand of cars on the roadat any given time which causes plenty of accidents. Also the rapid growth of the city is causing havoc with residents as some or most of them live in slum conditions. most of the water in Seraipanok is contaminated which causesdiseases that can potently kill the residents of Seraipanok.Also with Seraipanok being one of the most populated citiesin the world, residents would suffer from breathing problems.Seraipanok could overcome these problems and challenges if the government put in money aside to clean up the slums and build and construct new roads and clean the air for the residents. The latest population update of Mexico Cityis 21.2 million. Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world for immigrants. Some interesting facts about Mexico cityis that the city allows same sex marriage.Also in twenty century the population dramatically increased. The layout of Mexico city is very enclosed with mountains surrounding the city either side.through water supplies have increased to300 litres per day per captia, Mexico City isstill dealing with water pollution in and around the city. Mexico City has also found a way to deal with 2.6 millionprivate automobiles that create 80% of the airpollution in mexico city. the one big problem inMexico City at the moment is that the city issinking from a dried out bed in a large lake. A mega city is a with over tenmillion people, also a metropolitanarea. the growth of large cities andmetropolitan areas has been so significant that some cities have become mega cities. Mega cities are density populated and has a lot of high density housing,such as high rise apartment buildings. Urbanisation is the process of economics and social change in which an increasingpopulation of a country living in urban areas.Global growth trends refers to the population growth in particular countries and 2030,nearly 60% of the worlds people will livein an urban area. population growth is declining in most third world countries and increasing in first world countries. Rural to urban migration is when people from rural areas migrate to urban areas. in late 2011, the population of themetropolitan area of jakarta wasrecorded at 10.1 million. in realityhowever, the population of greater Jakarta ( suburbs surrounding the metropolitan area ) brings the total population closer to 19 million. Residents in jakarta are mostly commuters, circular migrants and ex Parities. Mostly all of the population in Jakartalive in the metropolitan area,but the further you go into the suburbs of greater Jakaratathe more slums you will discover. One of the biggestpressures or challenges living in Jakarta is slum population. This is because families haven't got enough money to move out of these terrible conditions.Another problem with living in Jakarta is low rise, high density housing. Also low pay is very bigproblem which causes people and children to have little toeat or barely nothing at all. Pollution is another problem for people living in Jakarta which causes health andenvironmental issues and leads to poor air quality.
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