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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Negative POSITIVE: Visiting a fast food Resturaunt Some negative effects of going to a fast food resturaunt food is richer in salt and other fatning ingrediants.Eating lots of fast foods increases the chances of heart diseases.Eating lots of fast foods increases the speed of obiesity.when u buy from a fast food resturaunt they usually fry there food which kills nutrients.There are lots of germs around the fast food resturaunts on tables etc.Fast food resturaunts have a bad rep of having bad nutrients in there food.Some fast food chicken nuggets gave a substance in them people use for there cars. Some positive impacts of going to a fast food resturaunt are...It saves lots of your time.You dont spend money on ingrediants for home cooked meals.There are some good things on the fast food menu you can get for your meal.There is a big differince in prices.Fast food resturaunts are affordable and dependeble. Instead of going to a fast food resturaunt you can... Make your own meal at can eat at home with your ingrediants and save moneyEat in a cleaner enviornment with healthy food.You can eat with your family and take your time at home.You have less temptations for bad meals and you canbe creative with your meals.saves your time and gas from going to a fast food resturaunt and you can choose the amount u want foryour meals. Fast food is good and bad! By,Lucas Pontes. .References on worksheet Do you know what fast food does to the environment ?
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