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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I would love to work in photography I am really passionate about it and its a dream.I would like to take nature photography.Or i would also like to open/start my own own photography store.I would also like to take the photo shoots of famous people. I would love to have a good life style maybe a small house or a pretty nice apartment.(modern/fancy)I would also really want a husky i just really love them .A nice car pretty and fancy.I want this lifestyle because than i would have my own space and for myself and my family and i also dont want to live in a bad place. For religion i would like to be closer to god more than i am already like go to church more often Work/career Lifestyle religion I would still love being close to my family because i know that they are always going to be here no matter what.And they are the one's that will show endless suport education I would really love to go to either Washington state university oruniversity of Wolverhampton because both of this university have excellent photography classes. Financial/salery I would like to win a good amount of money with job or career i'll have because nothing is ever handed to you and you have to work hard for it.Also to pay for all the things "adults" pay when they are older Same goes for friends i want to keep in touch with them and the memorizes will always stay with me the good and the bad. Friends Personl A big goal that I would really love to happen someday is to meet all my idols.One direction,1st magcon fam,O2L etc. I would really love this because i would be able to tell them how much i really love them and it would just be a big dream come true. Family love/relationship Well i would like to get married someday and maybe at 27 years old.And hopefully get married to one of my idols (which would never happen).Have 2 kids a girl and 1 boyI would like this well because a girl can dream.
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