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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 16 December 2014: 132schoolchildren in Peshawar,Pakistan were killed by theTaliban in what they called a"revenge attack for the armyoffensive in North Waziristan." It's A RoughWorld Out There!A History of Violence inIndia and Pakistan Violence in Kashmir, 10/6/14, Violence in Kashmir, 10/6/14, BBC News So, why all the fighting?! In the 1901 census of theBritish Indian Empire, almost 75%of the population of Kashmir wasMuslim, while only 23% wasHindu. Understandably, whenKashmir was given to the mostlyHindu India, the Muslims in theregion were pretty unhappy! The people of the regionhave begging for a vote tobe held, to show that theyreally don't want to belongto India, but so far their pleashave gone unanswered. How much longer willthe cycle of fightingcontinue? We can't know for sure, butinstead of countries rivalingeach other, maybe they shouldlisten to their people! 6 October 2014: 9 villagers killedin the disputed Kashmir region dueto Indian-Pakistani gunfire. In 2003,a ceasefire was agreed upon by thetwo countries; however, they oftenaccuse each other of violating it. These bullet holesaren't the half of it!
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