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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War 2 Children at War Connections What living conditions did the people undergo? Axis and Allies Air Raids The war ended in 1945. Not all families returned happily because houses were destroyed. It was strange for many children to recognize a father that had been in the war from many years. German bombers did terrifying night raids. Families were separated. Men were sent to fight,some never to return. The World War 2 had two sides, The Axis and The Allies. *The Second World War began on the 3rd of September 1939. * It was the biggest and catastrophic conflict in history.*The war involved 61 countries, they fought in Russia, North Africa, Asia and in Europe. *50 million people died and hundreds of millions were injured. How did the world end? Air raids began in September 1940, air raids were the main attack. Childrens school lessons, times and exams were as usual, but the children also learned how to put on gas masks or they learned about air raid drill Annemarine had a Jewish friend called Ellen Rosen. One day during the 2nd World War the Rosen's had to escape from the Nazis, Ellen's parents left the city, but Ellen hid from the Nazis in Annemarine's house. Anne Frank had to hide from the Nazis, but in a differnt way, she couldn't hide in a friend's house. First she and her family moved to a house that was an Alley and after that they covered all windows, so that the Nazis didn't see that the Franks were living there.
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