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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BODEGAS ARANLEÓN S.L. PESTEL ANALYZING THE JAPANESE MARKET 3.- LEGAL Japanese legal is based on the european one, specially since XIX century when they took as a reference civil european law and specifically the German model. In this analysis we will focus in the parts of the legislative system that affect us: 3.1.- CUSTOM TARIFF LAW The rates established by the Customs Tariff Act vary depending on the type of wine that is concerned and, as Spain is a member of the WTO, the ones that correspond to us are: Imports of alcoholic beverages are recorded with a tariff included at the Customs Tariff Law, in order to protect the Japanese wine industry. These tariffs with the Liquor Act, which we discussed below, represent a significant price increase. - Bottled Wines (2204.21-010 and 2204.21-020): 112 yen / liter for sherry wine, porto and other fortified wines (2204.21-010); and 125 yen / liter or 15% of CIF (WTO), preferably having the least amount and the minimum fee being 67 yen / liter, for the rest of wines (2204.21- 020). - The regulation of the imports and paying special attention to the regulations of the wine imports from Spain. - Packaging 2-150 litres wines (2204.29-010): 125 yen / litres or 15% of CIF value (WTO), preferably having the least amount, with a minimum tariff of 67 yen / litres. - Bulk wine, over 150 liters (2204.29-090): 45 yen / liters (WTO) - Sparkling wine (2204.10-000): 182 yen / liters (WTO)
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