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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Realizations At the battle of la Drang Valley 240 Americans were executed while 450 were wounded. This event caused the U.S to open it'seyes and realize that the war wasn't going to be as easy as theythought. (Vietnam War) Although North Vietnam's military obejectives had not been acheived inthe Tet Offensive, the pshycholigical impact on the American home front was considerable.(Vietnam War) Mistakes Ho Chi Mihn was a communist but he admired the U.S. and preferred them as allies, but the U.S. refused to make an ally out of him because his communist beliefs. (O' Malley) The U.S. supported the French's idea to returnto Vietnam. MInh used the tactic of tiring out the French army and they did badly. They tried to make one last stand in Dien Bien Phu but they lost and gave up on trying to get North Vietnam back. (O' Malley) Johnson was known to be crudeand vulgar but he had skill when it came to politics. He thought thekey to protecting the countrywas to use the tactic of showing you were tough on Communism. (O' Malley) "Vietnam. a story of virtually unmitigated disasters that wehave inflicted on ourselvesand even more on others." Bernard Brodie, 1973 (Grant) Kennedy's Thoughts JCS documents released in 1998 show"that Kennedy was well aware of theevidence that South Vietnam was, infact, losing the war." (JFK's secretformula for Vietnam) John F. Kennedy had plans to withdraw from Vietnam before his assassination. (JFK's secretformula for Vietnam) Kennedy had the recommendation ofpulling troops out of Vietnampublicly announced, and secretly decided to pull 1,00advisors out by December. (JFK's secretformula for Vietnam) Ever since the Tet Offensive, U.S citizensbegan to lose faith in the whole idea of starting the Vietnam War. They began to think that the government was lying to themabout their abilities ever since they found out about the casualties. (Vietnam War)
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