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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Historical Timeline The Vietnam War acting classes can helpyour chances of gettinga gig in EEUU primer avance hay mas de 200 millones dehabitantes en el ciberespacio y 43.2 millones de computadoras conectadas a Internet. 1945 Vietnam Resistance forces fight to free themselves from french rule Prologue 1954 Diem establishes state of Vietnam with American aid.American forces begin building up and training south Vietnamese forces 1963 as the conflict escalatesJFK moves to remove US troopsfrom Vietnam. He is shot threeweeks later VP Johnson takes command of the presidencyand begins sending more troops into Vietnam War drags on causing many to begin protestingand campaigning for a pullout of the war 1968 The devastating attackknown as the Tet Offensive causes huge destruction and death. Agent orange first used to burn jungle Nixon is elected president and begins Vietnmanization Kent State shootingafter protest of the Vietnam War Pentagon Papers released sparking huge outrage over government lies Finally the US began pulling out troopsand leaving South Vietnam to defend itself. In fell soon after. Many who come back are treated as villains They suffered from PTSD and were left without care becoming legions of homeless. The gov't and many people tried and eventually did change that and helpedthe poor and sick heroes. Mid War The End
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