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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 16% north east west coast represented Victoriansim (1832-1901) Important Facts: *Suffrage Movement * Civil War broke out* Westward Movement *Heavy in the deep south BIG Events: * Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation declared Slaver illegal in Confederate States * Charles Dickenson publish Oliver Twist in periodcal form Ideas that shaped the writing: *This era left off from the Romantic Movement. * Romanticism and Victorianism are similar *Wanted Change from the earlydecades that kept things sacred but assaulted it during the mid-nineteenth century Who did the writing influence? *Literature influenced majority of the womenin this era. While in othercenturies women whereto do what the man of thehousehold said to do. In the Victorian Era women slowlygot noticeable. Important Authors/ Works *Emily Dickinson is a poet who was not famous in her time period but after she died and people foundher poets in socks she became very famous. -Famous literature work: Becasue I couldNot Stop For Death*Nathaniel Hawthorn was a writer inthis era and his famous work is The ScarletLetter.*Edgar Allen Poe was a writer that focusedon dark romanticism-Famous literature: The Tell-Tale Heart and The Raven Genres/Style *love and luck at the end*Difficulties of hard work*Improve nature with central moral lessons By: Saveya Patterson,Jada Robinson,Victoria Kramer,and Emma Craft
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