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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christianity Judaism Buddhism Zoroastranism Confucianism Daoism Hinduism It's founder was Jesus (rst century C.E.), in Palestine.They believed in one God (the same of Jews).Their sacred textwas the Christian Bible (Old and New Testament)Believed in inner transformation andemphasized on humilty, charity and love Abraham (2nd millennium B.C.E.); moved from Mesopotamia to CanaanThey believed inonly one god.Their sacred text was theHebrew Bible and the Torah.They believed that God was the creator of everything and he expectedus to be good and obeyor we had to be punished. Its founder was Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra, (7th century B.C.E.), Persian prophet. They believed in a supreme god, Ahuramazda (Wise Lord).Their sacred text wasthe Zend Avesta.They believed thatAhuramazda createdeverything and he gave the freedom to choosebetween good or evil, andyou would be judged atthe end of your life. There is no single founder. Hinduism probably began from blending Dravidian and Aryan beliefs.They believed in a singleforce called Brahnam.Their sacred text wasthe Vedas. They believed the goal of humans is to seek a union with Brahman (to know the ultimate reality), in reincarnation, karma (the force of people'sactions) and Dharma (Divine Law) Its founder wasSiddharta Gautama (6thcentury B.C.E.), known as Buddha, which means the Enlightened one. They didn't have a god ora sacred text.They believed thatsuffering and sorrowwas caused by attachmentsto things of this world, and itcould be achieved if we reachultimate reality. We had to follow the Eightfold Pathand the four noble truths. Its founder wasConfucius (6th century B.C.E.), a Chinese teacher. They didn't havegods and their textswere Analects.It was more a philosophy than a religion. They had the Belief that if humans acted in harmony with the universe, they would prosper. Its founder was Laozi (6th century B.C.E., although his existence is not certain). There was nogod worship and theirtext was The Way of the Dao. More like a philosophy as well.Sets forth proper forms of human behavior.Belief that the way to following the will of Heaven is through inaction.
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